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Beginner, intermediate, advanced ... Where are you?

How to choose your level?



Between 0 and 1 year of practice.

  • I never danced;

  • I dance occasionally or recently, I took some classes, I know the basic step and some simple movements;

  • I'm not very comfortable when I dance, I do not always maintain my basic pace throughout a dance. I do not always guide very well / I do not always let me guide or I sometimes have trouble understanding the guidance;

  • I know few guiding (and movement) techniques / I do not understand much movement when I'm made to dance.



Between 1 and 2 or 3 years of practice.

  • I master the basic step: I am able to maintain it in any direction and on more complex movements;

  • I know how to guide / let myself be guided, at least for movements that are not very complex. I am able to give clear information so that my rider performs the movements that I undertake / I correctly interpret the information that the rider gives me;

  • I already know a lot of guiding techniques (/ movements) / I am able to follow a lot of types of movements when I'm dancing.


At least 2 or 3 years of practice or more.

  • I am comfortable when I dance;

  • I know very well how to guide my rider / I understand and am easily guiding my rider, including on quite elaborate movements;

  • I have acquired good notions of musicality: I can dance in rhythm, go on the 1 and recalibrate if necessary. I am able to adapt my movement to the music and I start to play with different sounds;

  • I go out regularly in the evening. I really want to progress to become a "dancer" and not just a "student".

Evolution of our programs:

Each level represents one year of lessons, each level represents 12 one-hour lessons over 3 months.

Level 1 to 12 either (4 years or 160 hours of lessons)

  • Beginner: level 1, 2 and 3

  • Intermediate: level 1, 2 and 3

  • Confirmed: level 1, 2 and 3

  • Advanced: level 1, 2 and 3


An initiation is an introduction to a dance, it is dedicated to people who never dance and brings them the first basics of the discipline.


A workshop is a dance class often specific and intensive! Warning! It is not an initiation and to participate you must have the level that is assigned. A beginner level workshop is a workshop or just the basics are enough and is therefore called all level workshop. It is very important to respect the level of the dance, it is useless to attend a level too advanced if you will not be able to follow it, you will learn nothing.


And also…

The duration of practices associated with the levels are given for information only. They can of course vary from one person to another (downward or upward) depending on the ease or difficulty of each, the frequency of exit, the type of course followed ... That's why we must trust in priority to the acquired knowledge.

It is possible to do a trial class for each level. The teachers reserve the right to direct you to the most appropriate level. It will be important to respect this decision, on the one hand to guarantee the level of the announced course, but also for your progression! Indeed, we do not build a house without solid foundations ... It's the same for the dance! You will not progress faster by following a too high level if the necessary bases have not been assimilated.

We will of course listen to you if you have questions, special needs and wishes, difficulties, great motivation ... We will do everything to make this year a pleasant experience for everyone.

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