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Want to be comfortable on the dance floor but don't want to wait a year to be ready?

BAILANDO LATINO has it all planned!!

12 weeks learning 2h30 lesson

from only 6000rs

Learn to dance at a great price

MAX Hours - MINI Price

3 months instead of 12

The “ INTENSIVE COURSE PACK ” by Bailando Latino is a intensive program  specially designed to learn how to dance salsa or bachata well in just 12 weeks and at a very attractive price!! For a total of 30 hours minimum, you will pay less than in regular lessons, and you will save time.

With 2h30 sessions over 12 weeks you will learn as much as in a year. Every week we organize a practice where you will freely dance the figures learned under the gaze and corrections of your instructors, these practices are optional, but highly recommended!  

This course allows to acquire les technical and choreographic bases  to have fun at events, party at the beach or in the evening! And then continue your learning with more complex sequences by integrating a regular or intensive intermediate level course.

30h of lessons over 3 months + 2h30 of practice per week

Second Batch in September:

Classes are taught by your instructor Terence.

Next batch infebruary: 

Friday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.: Cuban Salsa

Saturday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.: Bachata Sensuelle beginner

Minimum 10 people to maintain the course, maximum of 20 people, couples will be privileged.

Prices:(byslots for the second batch in September)

➕ Basic per lesson 7000 rs. for a course (payments in two installments possible)

       1000rs discount for one time payment

➕ 2.5 hour session per unit: 850rs(each session is worth the equivalent of a month of classic lessons)


To validate your registration a deposit of 1000rs will be requested

For payment in two instalments:

👉 half when checking in

👉 the second half to the fifth session

Promo of 2000rs

Reduced rates if advance payment from October 01 to December 31, 2022, i.e. 5000rs for payment in one, two or three installments during this period

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