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One night a week to dance after a hard day's work.

Bailando Con Estilo

A day devoted to workshops, practice and sharing.

Events Salsa Bachata Kizomba

This is the birthday party of the school in June, and the end of year party in November.

Free practice on the beach: all dances

Dance like in Europe:


In order to allow you to improve and get a good level, it is very important to practice your dances at least once a week! In 2020 Bailando will allow you to dance almost every day, like in Europe!


Two evenings will be one exclusively composed of Kizomba and Semba music, the other exclusively composed of Latin music (Cuban salsa, bachata (all styles), cha-cha-cha). Why do these two nights? To progress you have to practice, and when the style you dance is assigned 2 music over 25 minutes, it is really very hard to progress. In addition the fact that there is little music does not encourage dancers to vary their partner and favor those with whom they are most comfortable in order to really enjoy their evening.


Women's half hour:


Often in the evening, some riders complain of not being invited and lose motivation. This is why at Bailando Latino we set up the women's half hour! This half hour, from 9:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., the riders take control: men no longer have the right to invite riders to dance because they are the ones who decide and invite! Obviously we are in the XXI ° century, women can invite to dance at any time of the evening outside this half hour.


If you like to travel, or often go abroad, consider practicing! Or simply enjoy adding new movement to your repertoire!

Thanks to the Salsapass website you will find festivals all over the world!

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